CAD Database Integration

2fDesign has been invloved in a number of projects involving the customisation of Autodesk AutoCAD and integrating CAD objects into existing and new databases.

Drawing Database (Carter Holt Harvey)

This project involved the auto-archeiving of over 10,000 AutoCAD drawings into Adobe Acrobat format.

A small marco was written in VB to search all AutoCAD drawings in the clients system and produce .pdf files for all new and changed drawings. The macro was written as a windows service and would run itself over night or as required by the client. The macro also produced html index files that linked to the pdf's so that any person with access to a computer on the client's network could view & print any drawing from within any internet browser.

P&ID Sync Database (Niro NZ Ltd.)

This project involved extracting drawing objects from an AutoCAD file and synchronising them with an SQL database.

An AutoCAD macro was written using VB to do this.
Access to the SQL database was also provided by means of a front end Access application.

Drawing Database (Niro NZ Ltd.)

This project invloved auto-archieving a large number of project drawings into a single project SQL database. 

Drawings were either AutoCAD or Bentley format. Each drawing could be associted with any particular project. VB macros were written for AutoCAD and Bentley for this. A front end Access application was also provided.

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