CDMA Modem

2fDesign has teamed up with Baycity New Zealand to develop a range of data logging products using the mobile phone CDMA network to communicate the data back to the host server. Baycity is a Telecom approved technology integrator. Baycity approached 2fDesign to provide a solution for the electronics side of the project, while they were developiong their in-house electronic expertise.

The first stage of this project involved developing a generic interface board with an integrated CDMA modem to satisfy the potential requirements for data aquisition of information in the rural sector of New Zealand. This inclued differential and single ended analog signals. Digital signals, and frequency/pulsed signals. Applications included weather & pasture monitoring, water level monitoring, river monitoring etc. The potential list is endless.

The data logger has the ability to monitor many real-world signals and transmit the data back to the server. The client can then view the data on their PC using a standard internet connection and regular internet browser. No additional software is required. The system can be set up by the user to send alerts to his/her mobile phone if required (eg. a water tank low alarm).

Mechanical Engineering for the IP67 rated enclosure was undertaken by Buckley Design Ltd, who 2fDesign regularly works with.

See the Baycity-Technologies UAD site for futher information

A sample milk site can be seen at
username: demo
password: demo

A sample weather site can be seen here

Subsequent revisions of the hardware have been done by Baycity with internal resource, once 2fDesign got the system proven and running.

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