DSP Crossover

An investigative project to establish the benefits of DSP technology in an Active Speaker System (Hearken by Centric Ltd.).

  • Signal processing algorithms were developed to test the benefits of DSP on the system in an attempt to acheive the "perfect" sound replication from otherwise poor performing speaker drivers. Algoritms were developed and tested on PC and in the system itself.
  • PC software in Delphi to design digital filters using FIR, IIR, DFT, IDFT, FFT, & IFFT signal processing methods
  • Embedded system was a 21xxx "Sharc" DSP from Analog devices and was programmed mainly in Assembly.

The results were promising, but due due lack of development capital this project has been shelved.
Contact Centric for details of the "non-DSP" active speaker system that has currently been produced.
Contact 2fDesign for any projects that require similar DSP work.

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