Intelligent Weighing

Designed initially for the US cattle market.  2fDesign was approached to design & build an intelligent weigh controller. This was a complete turn-key design done entirely by 2fDesign.

The design of the weighing system includes a number of significant electronic disciplines..

  • Embedded system design using a 16bit H8S MicroController from Renasas/Hitachi.
  • Embedded firmware in C and assembly with about 220k of firmware currently coded for this product.
  • Custom built Operating System with custom built drivers for all peripherals including LCD, Bluetooth, Keyboard & Asynchronous communication.
  • Non-volatile storage for up to 40,000 weigh records.
  • DSP algorithm development for determining the accurate weight of a moving & static loads.
  • Embedded database software development, and PC database integration
  • 320x240 dot matrix LCD in some models. Custom Graphic LCD on other models.
  • RF communications (433MHz) between the Loadbar and the Controller.  Removing the need for wires that always tend to break in the harsh farm environment. Our client has patented the use of this technology in such an application.
  • Communication to host PC possible using mobile data technology across the CDMA network. Also patented.

Subsequent to initial release, the weigh scale indicator has been adapted for use in many specific weighing environment such as banana conveyor real time weighing, multi-gate sheep drafting, hopper weighing, and has been integrated into many PC weigh applications.  The weigh scale system is marketed through Horizon Scales, and has been re-branded by a number of OEM's including leading US agriculture supplier Digi-Star

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