The core competency of 2fDesign Ltd. is in the field of Embedded Electronics design.
We are aware of many of the challenges facing modern design, including the need for standards approvals and certification.

Embedded System Design

  • 8,16, and 32 bit system design, using a variety of MicroControllers.
  • Software for embedded systems in C & Assembly. Our largest embedded system design has over 220k of C code.
  • Direct experience with Hitachi H8 & H8S, 8051, Atmel AVR and TI MSP, DSP & 370. But we are not limited to these.

DSP System Design

  • 16 & 32 bit DSP system design. Primarily focussed on TI c55x and c64x along with Analog Devices 21xx, 21xxx & Blackfin DSP families.
  • Embedded DSP software in C & Assmebly. DSP algorithm design. Eg. FIR IIR FFT etc.
  • PC based DSP system analysis using custom DSP programs written in Delphi. Scope FIR and Matlab also used.

General Electronic Design

2fDesign has the usual mix of analog & digital electronics design skills you would expect.
Including but not limited to analog signal processing & power amplification, small motor design (including brushless dc), & power supply design (linear & switch mode).

PCB Design

2fDesign has the recently found that there is a shortage in the industry of good PCB layout engineers.  2fDesign has considerable experience with Altium tools (and the Protel predecesor) and can offer very competetive PCB layout resource.

CPLD & FPGA Design

While not core competency, 2fDesign has design experience with designing and using CPLD & FPGA devices.
Hardware description using VHDL & Schematic Capture. Simulation with ModelSim.
Preference for Xilinx CPLD & FPGA devices.

Embedded System Software

Development of software for embedded systems is primarily done in C, with some Assembly when required.
We have development tools including C-compilers ready to go for...

  • Hitachi/Renasas H8, H8S, & SH
  • Atmel AVR
  • 8051 variants
  • TI MSP430 and DSP's
  • Analog Devices 21xx & 21xxx DSP's.
  • XMOS

With DSP's in particular it is important to get the mix between C & Assembly right. We attempt to code all high speed time critical code in Assembler.

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