The core competency of 2fDesign Ltd. is in the field of Embedded Electronics design.

However a very important by-product of this is the development of out skills in the software design field, and these skills are ever expanding

Many electronic products require connection to a PC or similar mass storage / controlling medium.

2fDesign has developed this expertise to a level that we can now offer software design as a service to complement our existing services.

iOS Development for Apple iPhone/iPad

iOS development primarily for 2fDesign's own application, Endurance Diary.  Development in Objective C, and while primarily used for mobile device, the Cocoa development platform used is a cross-platform system used also for MAC application development.

2fDesign has also contracted services as a tutor for iPhone application development at AUT.  Papers were taught at 1st year and 3rd year level within the undergraduate degree program in Creative Technology.

Visual Studio (C#, C++, VB) and Delphi for Windows Applications

Visual Studio is the primary PC develpment platform with a number of applcations developed, including

  • C++ USB Device Drivers
  • C# WinCE applications
  • C# DSP applications
  • Bluetooth communcation
  • Visual Basic applications also include system debuggers & programmers, but also extend into scripting applications that have included Database, AutoCAD and Acrobat customisations.

Delphi applications include embedded system debuggers and programmers (serial comms), and DSP algorithm development.

Database Development

Database work mainly serves to complement the embedded systems as a means of mass-storage, with front end database clients written using Access. Backend databases normally SQL, with iOS development using SQLite.

Visual Basic for Palm PC application

Once again, a nice complement to the embedded systems we design and software has included system debuggers and programmers. Simple database applications have also been developed.

We were an approved developer for the Palm PC platform, until it's demise in 2009.

Embedded System Software

Development of software for embedded systems is primarily done in C, with some Assembly when required.
We have development tools including C-compilers ready to go for...

  • Hitachi/Renasas H8, H8S, & SH
  • Atmel AVR
  • 8051 variants
  • TI MSP430 and DSP's
  • Analog Devices 21xx & 21xxx DSP's.
  • XMOS

With DSP's in particular it is important to get the mix between C & Assembly right. We attempt to code all high speed time critical code in Assembler.

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